Chiffon, White Chocolate, Pure White, Pound, Chocolate, Lemon-poppy seed, Almond, Marble, Carrot Spice, Cheese Cake, and our award winning Tiramisu!

Fresh Lemon or Orange Curd, White or Rich Chocolate Ganche, Vanilla-bean Pastry Cream (seasonal), Cream Cheese, Various Chocolate and Fruit Mousses, Raspberry, Strawberry filling, Fruit basket with fresh seasonal locally grown fruit.

Various Flavors of Butter-creams, Cream Cheese Frosting, Whipped Cream, Dark Chocolate Glaze, Italian Meringue Butter -cream, Peanut Butter butter-cream. Various Rolled Fondants, & our award winning French Vanilla Butter-cream!

It varies with every custom creation. We work with you, to make your ideas become a reality! Be it classically elegant, with Fresh Flowers against a lovely white 3-tiered look. To a topsy-turvy confection of fun! Amazing to look at, as well as yummy to eat! And all idea’s in between! We are very flexible in what can be done for you, on your special day!

Some delicious pairings to think about before you taste!

White Chiffon with Raspberry Mousse

Rich Chocolate with Ganache

Chocolate with yummy Peanut Butter butter-cream

Lemon White Cake with Lemon Curd

Almond with White Chocolate & Fresh Strawberries

Raspberry Marbled Cheese Cake!

Your options are endless!

Wedding Cupcakes and Individual Table Cakes are Available.

As are Chocolate covered Strawberries and truffles!